Best of Friends

Whenever I'm not home, I ask Mike to send me a picture of the kids. If I have to be away, even for a day, I want to see what they are doing and how they are changing. With Cooper being so little, he changes each and every day, so I don't want miss a single change. And Shelby always has the funniest things to say, so I always look forward to Mike's recaps of Shelby's antics.

Here's today's picture. And I'm calling this one "best of friends," because that's what Shelb and Coop are. The first month or so that Coop was here, Shelby was a little jealous, but since then she has nothing but love and adoration for her baby brother. She plays with him, chats him up and loves to help with him.

If I'm away and call home, Shelby often pretends she's Cooper and talks to me in a silly baby voice. It's pretty cute and heartwarming.

I love my sweet babies.