C. Rex at 5 months old

Cooper Rex Edward on Sept. 12, 2009

Time is just flying by. My little boy is really my big boy ... tipping the scales somewhere near the 25 pound mark. He's passed his hand-me-down buddy in weight and length ...wearing 18-month clothing, so now we'll be handing Coop's clothes up! We had to buy him new car seats since he weighs too much for the travel system we were using (thank goodness Babies 'R Us was having a good sale and I collect coupons!!).

So what's Coop like at five months old? A joy. He's the happiest little fella ever. He chats all the time. He flirts with any lady he sees. He can now roll over from back to front and seems quite proud of himself every time he does it. He loves to play with toys, which means he clutched them in his chubby little paw and then puts them in his mouth. If there is no toy in his hand, then he chews and sucks on his shirt. Coop also loves Beatles Rockband thanks to Daddy. He can watch Shelby and Daddy rock out for hours. He loves music as much as Daddy and Shelby do.

Coop is eating some solid food. He loves sweet potatoes, carrots and green beans the best, but he'll eat anything you give him.

He's still a great sleeper, going to bed each night around 7:30 p.m. and not making a peep until the sun comes up.

Here's a close-up of our boy. Excuse the quality ... it's from Mike's phone.

Coop especially loves the ladies in his life. He lights up for his Mama and his sister in such a bright and happy way. Shelby often goes straight to Cooper's room in the morning just to see if he's awake and get a little smooch. They are the sweetest pair ever. And as for me, I'm smitten. I love kissing and loving on my little "boyfriend." I especially love his belly laugh when you tickle him or kiss him under his neck. It's this deep, full laugh that just warms my heart. He's such a sweet, wonderful little boy.

We are so blessed.