Shelbyisms: Kindergarten Style

Shelby is a hoot. Nearly everything that comes out of her mouth is hilarious. I love chatting with her and as she gets older, it just gets better.

Now that she’s started kindergarten she really has some cute and highly memorable things to say. Last week when I was dropping her off at school, she insisted on walking in on her own. I kept trying to help her as she was carrying a large box of goldfish snacks to share with her class. After insisting I help her, she gave in, but with a frown her face said, “Okay Mom, you can come in with me, but you have to walk that way,” pointing to a path far away from the one she was on. She’s five and already doesn’t want to be seen with me!

I think my favorite comment as of late came when we asked her what she learned at school one day last week (we do this each night while we have our family dinner). She said, " ... Between every word you put a space. And at the end of each sentence there is a pyramid." We asked her is she meant "period" and she said "No, Miss Burns said pyramid."