Seriously behind

Blogging just isn't my top priority right now. Our days are super busy. Who knew kindergarten could be so demanding? Shelby has homework each night, reading assignments, and she's now going to a twice weekly reading program ...all of which add up to a lot of driving and a lot of work. The photo at left is when we made smores a few weeks ago. Shelby has been begging to make smores for, um, ever. So we did it one night as a little family activity. She was thrilled.

Quick recap for those who are interested. Shelby is loving kindergarten. Her teacher, Ms. Burns, is awesome. We really love her and are so glad Shelby is in her class. It's amazing to see how much Shelby has grown in just two months of school. I'm sure it will be even more shocking at the end of the school year. Ms. Burns has said that Shelby is super smart, a joy to have in class and quite the little leader. All the other kids look to her to decide what to do and how to behave. Math is actually her favorite subject, with art following closely behind.

It's starting to cool off here (just a smidgen, it's still in the 80s most days) and the air is super dry ... which means one thing. Bloody noses. Shelby has started getting bloody noses again, bu hopefully her body will adjust to the weather changes quickly and the bloody noses will stop. The bloody noses are no big deal to Shelby, just a minor (slightly messy) inconvenience. In the last few days she's had about 6 of them, so I'm ready to be done with them!

We've been to the Pumpkin Patch at Apple Annie's orchard. Coop slept through the adventure, but Shelby was kind enough to pick out a little white pumpkin for him. Since it's still so warm (compared to every where else in the world) we can't carve our pumpkins until right before Halloween ... otherwise they'd look like shriveled up old men. So, instead, Shelby drew faces on the pumpkins we picked out. Her pumpkin was a version of herself and on Coop's pumpkin she drew a face that had a single tooth ... which is what he had at the time! For Halloween Shelby is going to dress up twice. Uncle Bryan is getting married on Halloween and Shelby is a flower fair princess in his wedding. After the wedding she'll change into her "real" costume, which is a ballerina, and go trick-or-treating with her cousins (Chase and Rylan) and maybe even her Papa.

We'll be going to the pumpkin patch again, this time as a field trip for Shelby's class. All the kindergartners will be piling in a bus and heading to Buckelew Farms. I'm chaperoning, so I get the wonderful opportunity of riding a school bus with a bunch of five-year-olds! Shelby can't wait for her very first field trip, she's counting the days until Oct. 30th!

Shelby continues to be the best big sister ever. She loves Coop and the feeling is mutual. I sure hope they continue this love affair for years to come. It's so adorable to watch them together, and see how sweet they are to each other.