A money maker

Shelby's school is doing a fundraiser. I guess I had forgotten how many times I did this as a kid ... but now as the mother of a kindergartner, I am doing it all over again. So, Shelby's school is having a fundraiser. Anyone can buy stuff. No pressure. But, if you do need to do a little holiday shopping, you can check out this Web site.

If you go to the site, the school number is 1444363. You'll also need to enter Shelby's name. At school, she uses both last names (mine first, then Mike's ... no hyphen. It's like she uses my last name as a middle name. As long as you put Shelby Kalil ... she'll get credit). If you have any questions, please let me know.

Also, s
ome of you might get a catalog in the mail. NO PRESSURE. Shelby earned a prize if she filled out 10 address cards for friends and family outside of the area. They will send you a single catalog and promised us you aren't on some long term mailing list. Again, no pressure. Shelby just really wanted her prize and I thought all of you would be cool with that :)

Edit: If you do happen to order something .. .can you send me an email. Shelby gets a prize for every thing she sells. They are these little rubber duckies that attach to a lanyard. It just so happens that Shelby is REALLY into rubber duckies right now. She has quite a little collection! So, these prizes are ones that she's super interested.