Fuzzy Boots

Since Shelby was born, we have been blessed with tons and tons of hand-me-downs thanks to Auntie Jennie. She sends all Emma and Gracie's outgrown clothes our way and Shelby adores wearing their hand-me-downs.

We just cleaned out Shelby's closet, since Savannah will be here for Thanksgiving and it's time to toss out grown clothes to her. Once we found all the too-small shirts, flood pants, and incredibly small hoodies .. .we set out to sort through a bag from Auntie Jennie filled with clothes in Shelby's current size. This particular bag also contained about 8 pairs of almost new shoes ... all fit, all are now being loved by Shelby and she's taken a particular liking to the fuzzy pink boots.

She insists that they are slippers, so she has been putting them on each night. Last night after I dried her hair (I really like to blow dry her hair ... is that odd?), she put on with a nice warm nightgown. I just thought she looked so pretty I had to take and and share a picture ...