Christmas Wish

This year Shelby is really, really into Christmas. She couldn't wait to decorate and everything had to be put in the exact same place as last year. We had most of the decorations in place on Saturday and after a lot of begging, we put up the tree and had it done by Sunday morning.

Last night Shelby told me her Christmas wish was to have a lot, a lot of tortellini. Any guess what her favorite food is right now?

We took the kids to get Christmas pictures done. Not only did the pictures turn out adorable, but both kiddos were angels and it was the easiest picture experience I have ever had.

Shelby has been carrying around a toy catalog for the last week. It's actually a catalog for babies. She loves looking at it and has been picking out the things she thinks Coop needs and wants for Christmas. It's pretty cute to see how excited she is to share Christmas with her brother.