My big and oh so smart girl

Shelby is doing so well in kindergarten. She loves it. She looks forward to every little bit of school, from math to reading. Her teacher, Miss Burns, is amazing. At first I was a little nervous about her. She looks much younger than she actually is ... but she's an awesome teacher and is doing great things with her kids.

It's amazing how much she has matured in just a few short months. Her ability to sound words out and write words is really coming along. In the picture below, Shelby drew a turtle and labeled it (TRD, is how she sounded out turtle). She's not quite there yet, but the wheels are turning!

One of Shelby's favorite subjects is art. She really loves anything artistic. Drawing, painting, crafting anything she can get her hands on ... you name it, she loves it. Last week her teach read a book called "Degas and the Little Dancer." Not only did Shelby love the book, but I was amazed at how much information about Degas she retained from just a single book. It's pretty surreal to be driving with your five-year-old and discussing Degas.

Shelby is really into magic right now. They had a magic show at her school last week and she has been pulling pennies out of her ear ever since! It's pretty funny.

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