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I'll be honest. I'm sorta of boycotting blogging. I just don't have a lot of time, and I'd rather spend my extra time with Shelb and Coop. I thought I'd try and get caught up today, but there is a pretty good chance I'll fall behind again.

The Patch

Here's Shelby with two of her classmates, Alex and Kallie. Shelby and Kallie sit next to each other in class and have become best friends.

Here are some photos from the last month. Shelby went on her first school field trip to a pumpkin patch. I was able to volunteer as a chaperon. I rode the school bus with her and everything! The kids wore matching tie-dyed shirts that they made themselves as part of a science project. We rode the tractor drawn wagon, searched for the perfect pumpkin and sang songs on the bus ride. I even was allowed to stay and have a picnic lunch with all the kids on the playground at Shelby's school .


Shelby and Papa. I love this picture, it was my favorite from the wedding. Shelby was a ballerina for Halloween and got to wear her costume as she walked down the aisle for the wedding as a flower girl. And of course, she was attached to her papa most of the time, which is always the case when they are together.

We went to California for Halloween. My brother Bryan got married on Oct. 31 and had a Halloween themed wedding. Nearly everyone dressed up and Shelby was a flower girl. Shelby was a ballerina and Coop was a dalmatian for Halloween. Shelby picked her own costume again this year, and looked so beautiful. She was most excited about having real ballet slippers to wear. I was originally going to have Cooper be a sumo wrestler, but I was afraid it would be too cold for him. It was actually a bright and sunny day, so he was a little warm in his dalmatian costume. Go figure! Shelby had a wonderful time playing with her cousins, and Bronson being the biggest cousin there helped me with Cooper while trick-or-treating. He carried Coop from door to door ... so he was rewarded with Coop's HUGE bag of candy!!

Can I just say I had the cutest little puppy dog ever?

Here is Coop and cousin Bronson. Bronson was a huge help, he always is. He's a good kid.

Shelby and her cousin Chase before they went trick-or-treating with their pumpkin lanterns.

My mom made a beautiful cake for the event. Instead of a bride and groom on the top, it had two mummies! And there was bubbling witches brew, which thoroughly amused the kiddos. There was a tower of cupcakes and Grandma Linda let all the kids have cupcakes before dinner was even served! Talk about a party!!

I did have some pictures of Shelby walking down the aisle ... but they have been lost thanks to my iPhone falling in water! That's a whole different story, but at least I had some pictures on my real camera to make the event, right?

7-Months Old

My happy, happy boy. Seriously, I feel so blessed to have such a happy baby. My doctor said to my, "If everyone had happy kids like yours, then they'd have a lot more kids." Both of them are just the best kids ever.

Cooper passed the 7-month mark. He's 24 pounds now and happy as happy can be. He is talking up a storm and says "da, da, da ... " all the time. Mike is thrilled by this and especially loves it in the morning when Cooper greets him with a happy "da, da, da ... " Coop is rolling everywhere, eating like a moose, and so close to crawling. I suspect it's a matter of weeks before he's crawling all around the house,

Cooper can hold his bottle now, but he only does it when he feels like it! Such a man!

The very best of friends.

P.S. I
didn't proof read this. If there are spelling and/or grammatical errors .. I'm sorry. I was in a rush to get it up. Otherwise, you'd have to wait two more weeks for new pictures!