Hanging at the Mouse House
Disney Vacation Part 2

A little blurry ... but here's Coop with some mouse ears. We tried on all sorts of hats at the Mad Hatter, something I remember doing often as a child. Shelby quickly decided on some blue mouse ears and became the proud owner of her first pair of mouse ears. Isn't she cute (photo below)?

At the end of day one at Disneyland, we stopped at the Main Street candy shop for a treat. I told Shelby she could get a sweet treat and she looked at nearly every treat in that stinkin' shop before she decided on filling a tube of sugary powder (I know this stuff has a real name, but for the life of me I can't think of it).

As we went from ride to ride and store to store ... Coop took his naps like normal and just enjoyed the view from his stroller. Happy as always and easy to please.

The pictures say it all ... our visit to the Mouse House (as we like to call it) was a huge success. Shelby was almost as interested in the shopping as she was in the rides. She wanted to hit every shop and just look. She wasn't interested in the characters, not one bit. We'd point them out, suggest a photo and she'd shrug her shoulders and keep walking. Shelby LOVED "It's a Small World," which warmed my heart since it has always been one of my favorites. She also loved another one of my favorites, The Enchanted Tiki Room.

In total, we spent 3 days at Disneyland, which was more than enough with 2 small kids. It was nice to be able to come and go as we pleased ... and not feel stressed out and obligated to see everything in a single day. We did some other things while in CA, but I'll save those for another post!

Shelby went on every ride twice. Well, at least the ones Cooper could ride, like the roller coasters. First she'd go with Daddy and then she'd go with me. After each roller coaster she'd say, "That. Was. AWESOME!" That's our girl, the adventure seeker!