Disney Vacation
(Part 1)

In an attempt to get something from our Disney vacation posted, I've decided to break it up into parts ... possibly a lot of parts, depending on how much time I have!

We went to California for a week. We were originally going to Hawaii for our family vacation\spring break. But there was a problem with our accommodations and it just became a huge nightmare trying to coordinate a trip around my schedule, tax season and school for Shelby ... and we decided to scrap Hawaii and head to Disneyland.

Shelby and Cooper have birthdays so close together, so we thought it would be fun to have a spring "birthday" trip that was all about the kiddos, which is why we picked Disneyland as our destination. Mike voted for Disneyworld, but having grown up in So. California, I'm more of a Disneyland fan than Disneyworld ... so that's where we went!

A little background ... Shelby went to Disneyland when she was about a year old. I took her there along with Emma and Gracie. She was too little to really enjoy it and of course doesn't remember the trip. Mike and I have been talking about taking her there for awhile now, but we wanted to wait until she was big enough to really enjoy it. And enjoy it she did. She loved every minute of it and was tall enough to ride ALL the rides, roller coasters included. Cooper was just happy to be along for the ride. In true Cooper form he happily hung out in his stroller, rode the rides he was big enough for and never fussed ... he is easily the happiest baby in the world.

Headed to the Mouse House:

Cooper bored? Never ... he always finds a way to entertain himself. Flying in and out of Tucson is always great. There are rarely any lines. The people are kind and helpful. And for the most part flights leave and arrive on time.

Shelby was the best little traveler. She has been on so many flights so she knows the routine. She also loves traveling, flying on planes and staying in hotels ... so that also helps. Here she is with Daddy waiting for our flight.

This is my favorite picture from our entire trip. For whatever reason, Shelby took Cooper from me and was holding when he was ready to eat. She held him as he had his bottle and whispered sweet, soothing words to him (just like mama does). It was so precious to watch and illustrates how much these two kiddos love each other. And to think I was worried they'd never be close because of their age difference.