I am almost caught up ...

This feels oh so good. If I could just get our Disneyland pictures taken care of then I would be golden!

Here are some photos of a trip to the mission. Whenever Arnold comes to town, we head out to the mission. I think it's his favorite place in all of Tucson. On Sundays out at the mission, they sell fry bread. It's the best. Thing. Ever.

Shelby loves the fry read. It takes everything in her to make it through the tour of the museum before we have fry bread. She likes the sweet fry bread with powdered sugar, honey and cinnamon.

Here is daddy and Coop. They did a little hiking and Cooper was happy to be outside. Don't you just love that big smile on Cooper's face? He is one happy boy. I love to see him smile and he's such a joy to be with.

And of course, Shelby got in on the hiking action. She climbed a bunch rocks. She climbed the hill over and over again. Outside is Shelby's happy place.