Miss Burns Gets Married

Miss Burns, Shelby's kindergarten teacher got married. A few of the girls in Shelby's class were invited to the wedding, including Shelby. Shelby has been talking about the wedding for months now and was thrilled to put on a new dress and celebrate with Miss Burns and Mr. Sven.

I had Shelby address the card for the gift .... I thought it was so cute. Her writing has improved so much since she started school. And I like the little hearts she added.

Shelby and Miss Burns after the wedding. Miss Burns is holding the scrapbook I made for her. I really, really loved this mini book. I had a hard time giving this one away. It was awesome if I do say so myself.

Shelby adores Miss Burns. She has been a great teacher and Shelby has thrived in her class. I'm a little worried that her first grade teacher won't be able to live up to Miss Burns.