Santa Fe Children's Museum

Shelby painted her face so she looked like the sun

When the cold got too much for me and Amy, we took the kids to the Santa Fe Children's Museum. It's not very big, but it's pretty cool. There was a station where the kids could apply their own face paint (big hit with ours kids) and there was a water station that Coop could stand at and splash in the water.

Here's a look at Cooper playing at the water station. I love how happy he looks. The joy kids find in the simplest things amazes me.

Here are a few more of Shelby at work. The face painting station was her favorite. After she made herself into a sunshine, she cleaned her face and then painted it again. The second look was a little more "rock star" with lots of black and pink!

Notice Savannah in the background (above)? She is patiently waiting for her turn. She too painted her face and it was pretty funny to see the end result.