Coop and Cake

Since I am so behind on blogging, I have decided that I'm just going to throw stuff up here while I try and get caught up. It won't be in chronological order, but at least it will be recorded, right? Telling and preserving the story/memory is far more important than getting things posted on time and in the proper order. I'm trying to remember that "done is better than perfect."

So, here are some photos from when we were on New Mexico. My niece Savannah celebrated her 5th birthday and had the most awesome cake. Cooper got to partake of the cake and it was the very first time he's had cake or anything that sweet!

Here he is, digging in. He wasn't shy about eating the cake and at one point he grabbed Griffin's plate and started to try and eat Griffin's cake. Poor Griffin. He's pretty serious about his food and doesn't like people messing with his eats ... so Griffin started to cry and Cooper just kept eating.

Cooper at every last bit of cake on his plate. He loved it. And he especially enjoyed eating the cake all by himself. In the last few weeks Cooper has really mastered eating table food. He's finally getting more in his mouth than on himself.

Tell me that's not the most adorable picture ever? Isn't he just the cutest? Even all messy like that, he's still so sweet and cute. With Cooper I am much more relaxed about things. I let him make messes. I don't worry about dirty clothes. I let him explore more than I did Shelby. I figure if it doesn't hurt him, then what's the big deal. I didn't let Shelby eat anything like cake until her 1st birthday and even then it was a one time sort of event. Now, I pretty much let Coop have what he wants (within reason). The second time around is definitely less stressful and more enjoyable, though I'm sure Mike would argue I'm as uptight as ever!