Silly Cousins

Visiting cousins is probably Shelby's favorite thing to do. There are lots of places in this world we could go and explore, but if you gave Shelby the option to visit her cousins ... she'd pick her cousins over anything.

As they have gotten older, it's fun to see how they interact together. Shelby and Savannah plays so well together, but that hasn't always been the case. On our most recent visit to New Mexico, these two girls were pretty funny together and were constantly tormenting Griffin. They really know how to push his buttons and push them they did

Savannah had a doggy-themed birthday party and the kids got their faces painted as part of the fun. Griffin wouldn't take a picture with Savannah, Shelby and Trevor ... 'cause Shelby and Savannah were giving him a hard time (constant teasing from those two!). But, as you can see .. .the other three cousins where hamming it up and have a great time.