More from Grandma's House

Last month we took a trip to Grandma Linda's house. I have been planning on posting more pictured from that trip. And then ... we'll it just never happened. So, I figured I'd share some now. One of the the days we were there, Uncle Mark came to visit and brought his new kitty. She;by was in love with his sweet kitty. She carried the kitty with her everywhere and luckily it didn't mind. Here she is with the kitty ... she really wanted to bring the kitty home with us!


Also, while at Grandma's we went on a hike in the mountains near Porterville. While hiking Shelby started collecting rocks (she's like her Uncle Bryan). I told Shelby she could only bring home the rocks that she could carry herself. She stuffed every pocket she had with rocks and her jeans were sagging ... so much so you could see her crack!

Always the little performer ... no matter when you tak a picture of Shelby she'll stop what she's doing a pose. She is such a little actress. My mom says she should be in pageants since she's never met a little girl with such natural poise.

Of course, Coop got in on the fun. I strapped him to my chest in the snuggly and we hiked along with everyone else. Much like his sister, Coop loves to be outside. We won't be able to use the sunggly much longer, as Cooper is just too big! But, I figure he'll be walking soon, so it won't matter.


The last picture I have is of Shelby with Grandma Linda. I thought it was cute to watch the two of them together and this particular case, Shelby wanted Grandma to read her a book. Cute picture ...