Tombstone, AZ -- Family Trip

We're in 130-year-old Big Nose Kate's Saloon, as evidenced by Shelby's excitement for experiencing pre-technology olden days.

We decided we needed to get out of the house today and do something as a family. Since Mike and I couldn't come up with something to do, we consulted the web site, It's a pretty cool web site that lists all sorts of fun activities and deals around Southern Arizona. Mike discovered that Memorial Day Weekend is when they have Wyatt Earp Days in Tombstone ... and today happened to be when the chili cook off was happening. So we loaded up the car and headed to Tombstone. I'd never been to Tombstone and Mike just drove through many years ago.

Shelby and I took a stagecoach ride around town, while Mike pushed Coop around town and checked out all the locals decked out in period costumes. The stagecoach ride was pretty cool and we learned a lot about the history of Tombstone ... Shelby was funny throughout the ride remarking how SLOOOOWWW the stagecoach was going. She said, "I can walk faster than this thing." I'm not sure Shelby would survive in the Old West!

At the Boothill Graveyard gift shop we found a life size cut out of John Wayne ... which of course we just had to take a picture of ... for Papa :) In the graveyard itself Shelby had a great time checking out all the old tombstones and asked all sorts of questions about the people buried there.

We ended our time in Tombstone with a stop at an ice cream parlor. Cooper had his first ice cream cone. Actually, Cooper stole my ice cream cone, but I was more than happy to share. When I first tried to give him a little of my cone, he pushed it away. But as soon as he figured out how yummy it was he licked away and eventually took the cone right out of my hand! He is his mama's boy!

Ice cream with a little help from Mom.

Now here he is eating the cone on his own!

And here's the little guy all pooped out. He slept the WHOLE way home, even as Shelby sang, yelled and did all the things she does :) And, yes, he clutched his bottle the whole way home. No one comes between Cooper and his food.