Our smarty pants girl

Shelby on May 24, 2010

Shelby had an award ceremony during her last week of school. She was given the Principal's Award for excelling in Reading and Gold Star Writing. Only three kids in ALL of the kindergarten classes were recognized for excelling in both reading a writing ... and Shelby was one of them. She has grown so much this last year and it's amazing to see her read a book or write a sentence. She expresses herself so much better and has such an amazing imagination. I love to see the wheels turn and watch her work. It's really amazing.

In addition to excelling in reading a writing, Shelby is a math whiz. Math comes amazingly naturally for Shelby and she loves it. One of her new favorite things is to play a math game on my iPhone. I'm not so sure about other kids her age, but I know my kid and she LOVES to learn and loves to do math. Pretty cool, eh?