Melts my heart

This little guy and his smile really melt my heart. He is such a joy. I know I have said this before, but he's the world's easiest, happiest baby. I have been amazed at how content and happy he is. He's getting even more snugly and I can't be happier about that.

At almost 14 months, he's growing and changing at a pace that breaks my heart. He's on the move ALL the time. I joke that he's our terrorist baby ... there is always a trail of destruction behind Coop. He can open all the doors, drawers and cabinets in our house. And anything that isn't locked, then Coop tries to get into it.

Right now Cooper loves to eat bananas. He can inhale a banana in about 2 seconds. We go through about two bunches of bananas in just four or five days. Cooper also loves Greek yogurt, toast, bagels, strawberries, tomatoes, yellow squash and cheese .... he's not eating meat. I didn't want to give him any and the few times I have offered him so meat, he's refused it. So he's not a meat eater, which is fine by me. Pretty much anything you place in front of Cooper, he'll eat.

One of the most amazing things about Cooper right now is ability to sign. We didn't teach Shelby any sign language, but with the help of Miss Jamie we have been teaching Coop some basic signs. It's so amazing. We can communicate with him in ways I never thought possible. We can ask him if he wants to eat, wants milk or if he's tired and is ready for a nap. And even better ... he can respond. I'm thrilled each and every time he signs to me. I love it. I'm so grateful we tried something a little different with Coop and we're able to meet his needs is such a sweet and wonderful way.