Last day of school
Kindergarten 2009-2010

Silly Shelby on her last day of school. Note the blood on her shirt ... it's been really dry this last week and Shelby has been having lots of bloody noses. She had one on the way to school.

I didn't cry at Shelby's graduation. I was actually a little surprised that I didn't. I cried when she lost a tooth for Pete's sake! So, when her graduation came and went without tears, I thought I was starting to feel okay with her growing up. But then as I sat in her classroom on her last day of school and celebrated with the kiddos and other parents, my eyes filled with tears. It was REALLY the last day and my little girl wasn't just 6-years-old, but now she's a first grader too. Where in the heck did the time go? I feel like it's just flying by.

Kindergarten is now behind us. Shelby had a wonderful year and was blessed with an amazing teacher, Mrs. Silberschlag. Leaving Mrs. Silberschlag behind is one of the saddest parts of leaving kindergarten. She seriously is the world's best teacher. We have loved having her teach and nurture Shelby.

Shelby got her final report card. She did AWESOME. She excels in math, much like I did as a kid. She's also excelling in reading and writing. No surprise there either! She is already testing well above first grade level when it comes to reading, so she's definitely ready for next year. But am I ready to be the mom of a first grader?