Happy Birthday Dorothy the Great

Today was Mike's Great-Aunt Dorothy's 90th birthday! Yep, 90 years! Is that nuts?

To celebrate, we planned and hosted a fabulous surprise party at El Charro, a Mexican restaurant in Downtown Tucson. El Charro is super yummy and been in Tucson forever. We had the party on the patio and the buffet was yummy.

The best part of the evening? When Dorothy showed up, she thought she was just meeting her immediate family for dinner. As I walked with her to the table, she noticed some older ladies on the other side of the patio and said, "I think I know those ladies. I wonder what they are doing here?" Well, they were there to fete Dorothy and her 90 years. We had about 20 people and it was a ton of fun. Cooper charmed everyone with his smile and Shelby was a little chatterbox and super polite with all the guests. They loved her!

I made Dorothy a beautiful mini book of all her great/great-great nieces and nephews. Too bad I forgot to take pictures of it! I stayed up well past midnight last night making it and had worked on it most of the the day. It also included pictures drawn by Shelby

Silly Uncle Kelly

Most of the pictures from the party were taken by Shelby. When she got bored mingling, I gave her our camera and she took pictures. Pretty much every picture that she's not in, she took. Here are some of the random photos Shelby took.

And this last photo is an attempt at taking a picture of all four of us. No one would ever look at the camera at the same time and Cooper was VERY wiggly!