We have been watching a lot of soccer at our house. We've never really watched much soccer, but with my current project sending me to Brazil lately ... we've been embracing the soccer (or football as they call it) culture of South America. This last trip to Rio I was able to watch Brazil play North Korea among all the millions of other soccer fans in Brazil. I stay on Copacabana Beach when in Rio and there was some 20,000 fans on the beach watching the game at the FIFA Fan Fest tent. Pretty cool, eh?

On my recent trips to Brazil I brought Mike and Cooper back soccer jerseys. Shelby got Brazil bracelets and a mini vuvuzela (those really annoying horns everyone is blowing all the time, at every game ... making your head feel like it's gonna explode). Shelby has been blowing her vuvuzela non-stop. I might have to hide it from her until the next game!