Saturday Summer Fun

We did some bowling today. As soon as I walked in the door from the airport (after a VERY long over night flight and layover in Atlanta) we all piled in the car and went bowling. A professional group that Nana belongs to was having a special family bowling event. So, we were all going to support Nana and Kalil and Associates.

Cooper didn't bowl. He just terrorized the bowling alley. He's so excited about being able to walk, he doesn't like to sit still or be held. As Mike followed Cooper around the bowling alley as he explored EVERYTHING ... Shelby and I bowled with Nana and Uncle Kelly. At first, Shelby wasn't all the into it. But as soon as she got the hang of it, she had a blast. She had two strikes (we had the bumpers up) and when the afternoon was over she was begging us to "play just one more game."

Even though I was super tired, I had a great time. I think we need to go bowling more often, especially since it's so hot right now.