Bountiful Baskets

Here's a look at the yummy goodies we picked up this morning thanks to Bountiful Baskets, a food co-op that was started in Utah, but has made its way to AZ. There is a ton of food in the basket, and we've already had a grapefruit this morning Shelby's first and she loved it) and Mike just whipped up wheat pancakes with fresh blueberries. It's $25 for an organic basket and $15 for a traditional basket. I might try the traditional basket next week, just to see what you get.

I did a little cost analysis and we easily got more than $50 worth of produce for just $25. The four organic avocados, two packages of blueberries and strawberries alone would cost about $25!

Shelby tested the grapes and said they were the best, juiciest grapes she's ever had.