Big harvest

We have been taking great care of our garden. And we've started to reap the benefits. There are baby apples on one tree. Sweet basil that smells so good. Little cherry tomatoes starting to pop up. And zucchini ... oh the zucchini. We harvest our very first zucchini this week and it was huge. Seriously. It was 3 pounds and half as tall as Cooper. How's that for our first try at growing zucchini?

It's important to note that we did nothing special with our garden. No fertilizer. No special tricks. Just water and sunshine. Shelby carried this sucker around the house like a baby until Daddy got home so she could show him our very fist zucchini.

I think you could feed a small army with this thing. We are going to cook it on the grill tonight ... so I'll have to let you know if it tastes as good as it looks.