She loves her brother

I have no pictures for this story, but I want to remember it forever. So I'll just tell you what happened.

Last Thursday Shelby lost her second tooth. She's been working on the loose tooth for weeks. Wiggle. Wiggle. Any chance she got, she was always tugging at that tooth. It finally came out when she and Gwen were playing puppies. Shelby had been pretending to chew on a blanket and as Gwen tugged the blanket from her, the loose tooth came with it. Shelby was thrilled and carried her tooth around in her purse all day.

Bed time couldn't come soon enough. She was so excited to leave her tooth for the tooth fairy. She told Gwen how the tooth fairy sprinkles special fairy dust so you'll have good dreams and leaves you money.

When bed time came, I realized I had no small bills in my wallet, just a $20. Mike told me to just put the $20 under Shelby's pillow and we'd swap it out with something smaller in the morning. She'd never know, right? Wrong! In the morning she was floating when she realized she had 20 whole dollars. Just think of all the things a little girl could buy with all that money. And boy did she come up with a lot of great ideas. "Mom, can I buy a bike with $20?"

Fast forward to Saturday. After story time, we headed to Target. Shelby picked Target as the place to spend her tooth fairy cash because all good things are at Target. We walked up and down each aisle in the toy section. Every toy was inspected. Reinspected. Tested. And tested again.

Mike told her before we left for Target that she had to save half of her money, so she knew she had exactly $10 to spend. After deliberating for almost an hour, she finally picked a toy. She decided on a slip 'n' slide that happened to be on clearance. Score! As we started to leave the toy section she turned to me and asked, "Mom, do I have enough money to buy Bubba a toy?"

Completely unprompted, Shelby wanted to spend her remaining cash on getting her little brother a toy. Could I be prouder?

She loves her brother beyond imagination. Each time I see them together and watch them interact, I know they were meant to be together. I am so proud of her and how she has opened her heart to her baby brother.

She picked him out a wind-up duck he can play with in the tub. She was so excited to give it to him. He loves it. Of course he does, his sissy picked it out for him.