At breakfast

We had a surprise visit from Auntie Amy, Uncle Patrick and the kiddos. They were on their way to California for a two-week vacation. At the last minute they decided to take the route that would have them pass right next to our house.

So, at 5:20 a.m. (the forgot to factor in the time change) the Barron family rolled up to our casa and the party started. Auntie Amy loved on Cooper. Mike got to show off the garden to Uncle Patrick. And the four big cousins played. And played. And played some more.

Mike took the four big kids to the park, to a McDonald's play area and the zoo ... all before noon! And he was the rock star of the day (to the kids) 'cause he bought them ice cream not once, but twice before lunch.

We tried to get a serious picture of all five of them ... and it was a bust. We couldn't get all five of them to look at the camera and give us a serious smile all at the same time. We gave in and told them they could be silly.

Shelby and Griffin. These two kiddos are pretty funny. They are 9 months apart and have a lot of fun together. Griffin cracks me up. He's so smart and make the funniest statements.

Trevor teasing Savannah. Isn't that what brothers are suppose to do?

And here are the four amigos having their first ice cream of the day. They had officially tried playing at the park ... but it was just too hot. It's sweltering hot by 10 a.m. around here. Plan B was a McDonald's play are near our house.

This is one of my favorite photos of Cooper. I love his big blue eyes and his curls. He's so precious. He loved all the attention he got from his cousins and especially loved all the snuggles from his Auntie. He went right to her the moment he saw her and loved her up.

And here are a few of my favorite photos from the day (thanks to my fancy new camera!):