Another week, another class


I'm taking another class. This one is called "Love Your Pictures, Love Your Pages." It's from Shimelle and you can find the class here. The class is a hybrid of photography and scrapbooking. It focuses on taking better pictures that you'll love .. .which means you'll love your scrapbooking pages more as a result.

Before the class started, we were given a challenge to take a spontaneous photo. We were told to take a photo in the next five minutes. And at that moment, Shelby walked into my room and had a meltdown. So, I took a picture of her meltdown! I'm sure she hated me at the moment, but I am so glad I have this photo. I take all sorts of happy photos, but we aren't always happy, right?

The class prompt for the second day had us taking pictures of flowers. Here's my favorite from that prompt. Finding flowers in Arizona can be tough. If I would have had more time and was feeling better (I have an ear infection right now), I would have found a flowering cactus to shoot, which is my absolute favorite desert image.

These photos, like most of them, were taken on my point and shoot or my iPhone (I take a lot of iPhone pictures). I'm getting a fancy camera this month!!! Woo hoo! I can't wait. I hope when I get the new camera my pictures will be even better.