Mama in Denmark

I went to Denmark last week for some meetings and training. I was there with three other US-based colleagues, so I was forced to get out of my room and do more than I normally do ... there are many times when I travel where I am so worn out and overwhelmed with work that I'm more than happy to hole up in my hotel room reach night and do nothing.

One night when we were walking to dinner (we went to dinner at the harbor), we stumbled on a filed with three elephants just hanging out. The circus was in town, so the elephants were circus elephants, but it was still a little nutty to just see these big guys hanging out in the open field with just a makeshift twine barrier in place.

This next picture is from a business dinner I had. The whole group of us (Danes and Americans) who had been working on a big project were treated to a fancy dinner. What's really cool about this picture is that it was taken on my co-workers new 4G iPhone. It's super clear and better than many of the photos i take on my real camera!

And here's a look at the view from my hotel room. We stayed at a new hotel this time and it was literally right on the beach. I slept each night with my windows open listening to the sounds of the waves crashing onto the shore. So awesome.