Fourth of July ... 2010

Do you ever feel so tired you can’t really think about anything but being tired? That’s me right now. I’m tired. Note the tired eyes in the picture above. I went to bed before fireworks …. that’s how tired I’ve been.

I’m finally home and get to stay put for at least three weeks. I’m relishing the thought of not packing a suitcase, boarding an airplane or toting a backpack for three whole weeks. The hubbs keeps telling me “Chin up. At least we bot have good jobs. We shouldn’t complain.” And he’s right. I’m just so tired.

So, my attempt to make it back to the States before the Fourth of July was thwarted. I flew from Copenhagen to Prague and then … missed my connection to Atlanta. The very nice ladies at Czech Airlines tried to help me get home, since there’s no Delta counter in the Prague airport, but their help just seemed to make things worse!

I ended up boarding a plane to Frankfurt. Hung out in the Frankfurt airport while Germany was winning its game in the World Cup. Then I went to Chicago, where I was suppose to be able to meet with a Delta agent and get a flight home to Arizona that night (July 3). Too bad every single stinking person who works for Delta had gone home by the time I landed in Chicago. And so, I had to spend the night in Chicago. It’s almost worse to make it so close to home, but not quite get there. On the morning of the 4th I was able to find a flight, get a ticket and travel to Arizona all before lunch time.

If all of this wasn’t bad enough … the train I took to Copenhagen from Aarhus, Denmark didn’t have working air conditioning. It was 95 degrees inside the train for the 3 and 1/2 hour train ride. I thought I was going to melt away. It was miserable.

Oh and I mention I “lost” my passport in the Copenhagen airport? I left it in a shop where I had purchased a bracelet and only realized I didn’t have it moments before I was suppose to board my plane. I had to run through the airport, find my passport and run back to my gate before my plane left without me. This was seriously the WORST travel experience I’ve had in a very long time.

Meanwhile, while this is all happening … my husband hatched a plan to throw me a “Welcome Home” (and 4th of July) party. I travel a lot, so I don’t get welcome home parties much. We’d be having them all the time if that was the case. But since I was having such a cruddy time trying to get home, he planned a little surprise party. He let Shelby pick out all sorts of very cheesy decorations (steamers, balloons, party hats, flags galore, etc.) at Party City and they covered the house in 4th of July goodness. It was such a sweet idea and it made my weekend.

The best part? A huge sign (above) that said “Welcome Home Mom.” The sign was all Shelby’s idea. And with the help of Daddy .. .she created it and hung it in out kitchen (it’s still up there and I smile each time I walk into the kitchen).