Summer is underway

Shelby has been really enjoying her time off from school. There's been lots of trips to the zoo and the park. Swimming. Movies. And staying up late ... way past bed time (one of her favorite parts)!

I thought I'd share some photos from the last few weeks ... a bit of a highlight of what's been going one with the Shelbster.

Shelby lost her first tooth in April, but she's hasn't lost any more since then. She finally has a second loose tooth and she is constantly touching it, wiggling it and complaining about it. In the picture above, she has an ice pack on it because "it huuurrrttss (said in a high-pitched, whiny voice)."

Shelby and Gwen have a love-hate relationship. They are just like sisters. One minute they love each other and then the next minute they are ready to kill each other. It's kind of funny to watch them together. If they are separated for more than two days they seem to go through withdrawals. Shelby will start saying over and over again, "Where's Gwen? When is Gwen coming over?"

One of Shelby's favorite things to do is cook. She loves to help out with dinner ... as well as set the table and get everyone their dinner beverages. In the picture above, she has on daddy's apron and is watching over the pasta dish she and daddy came up with. It features fresh basil from our garden (below).

We have finally started getting a few veggies and herbs from our garden. Shelby loves the basil ... we had no idea she'd like it, but she LOVES it. It just shows us that we should give her more random herbs and veggies .... 'cause there is always a chance that she might like it.

And here's the last one for today ... Shelby and Gwennie hanging out. I thought it was a cute little picture of the two of them. Shelby is getting so big. Each time I look at her I'm amazed at how much she has grown. She is wise beyond her years.