Apple Annie's Orchard

We went to Apple Annie's today. It's an orchard in Wilcox. Last year we went, but didn't actually pick any apples. This year we pulled the kids in a wagon and got apples, peaches and pears. Cooper ran around the orchards like a wild man. He's always happy to be outside. Shelby was thrilled to search for the perfect fruit.

I think this is the third year we've gone out there, so it's becoming a fall tradition for us. We're going to go back in a few weeks to the adjoining pumpkin patch. Being the toddler that he is ... Cooper was a bit of a handful. He ran in the opposite direction of the way we were going. He screamed if we tried to pick him up. And of course he scooped up all the rotten, gross fruit of the ground.

Here are some are my favorite photos from the day ....

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