Tub Time 2010

I love bath time at our house. It can last for an hour if I let it and it's always a happy time. Everyone can be screaming and crying, but as soon as I suggest some tub time and the mood changes immediately.

Normally, when I take Cooper up for a bath, Shelby tags and along and almost always ends up in the the tub too. The love to splash and play together.

Tonight, Shelby wanted to try out her new goggles. She also wanted me to add food coloring to the water ... so their bath water was bright green. Shelby floated around and dunked her head under the water making sure her goggles were working to her satisfaction. They now have her stamp of approval!

I always say that there is nothing a warm bath can't fix. And Coop is proof of that. Just when he's melting down for the day and is a tab bit tired ... we hit the tub. He perks right up, giggles and splashes away. I love bath time!