Carving Pumpkins

Last night Mike suggested we carve our pumpkins. Last year, we never got around to it. We drew faces on the pumpkins, but not actual carving. Shelby was DELIGHTED with the idea and would waffle between disgust and glee as she cleaned out the pumpkin guts.

The pumpkin with circle eyes and a circle mouth were Shelby's idea. She said that's what people look like when they are scared. She "model" a similar face for us as we carved the pumpkin. 

The best part? Lighting the tea lights in the pumpkins and setting them on our porch. Shelby loves everything about Halloween. It's fun to watch her get so excited.

Here's one of the moments Shelby was "grossed out" by the pumpkin guts. 

Taking the finish pumpkin outside to light it up. 

 Cooper woke up just as we were taking pictures outside, so he got to be in the last picture of the night.