The Great Pumpkin 
Search 2010

We headed out in search of the best pumpkin ever. Shelby loves the little pumpkins, the kind that fit in the palm of your hand. We had to nudge her toward some bigger ones, so we'd have a few pumpkins to carve. Cooper doesn't care. He's just happy to go anywhere he can run around. This particular patch had a very small petting zoo and Coop enjoyed checking out the smelly pig. 

Don't you just love this photo? When ever my camera comes out, Shelby goes into model mode. She's so photogenic and loves to be on "stage."

In true Cooper fashion, he's screaming (with joy) and only sat still for about 30 seconds! He's busy, busy busy. There were some wagons there that you could use and Coop liked being pulled in the wagon.

We found lots of good pumpkins and look forward to carving them. Don't I just have the most adorable kiddos? I love these two ....

Here's the layout I made from some of the photos from the patch: