This last weekend, we had the chance to attend one of my nephew Griffin's soccer games. He's quite good ... as he told me, the other kids call him the "brick wall." He's a goalie, so as the brick wall, he lets nothing by. It was so cute to hear him describe himself that way and to see how much confidence he has in his abilities. He really shines on the soccer field. 

I had a lot of fun taking pictures of Griffin's game. I was getting on the grass on my belly and chased Griff around the field. It made me want a new camera lens .. .one with more zoom. Griffin scored a goal, which made him feel like a rock star. The game ended in a tie, but Griffin's team really hustled, so I consider it a win!

Since the weather in the South West is nearly perfect fight now, it was a great chance to get outside, enjoy the sunshine and slight breeze. 

For some of us ... Trevor ... it was more fun to play with my iPhone than it was to watch the game! This is a sure sign that the teenage years aren't too far away. 

Cooper had a ton of fun running around and at one point even ran onto the playing field. Good thing Grandma Linda was paying attention ... she ran over to scoop him up, and even with a broken foot was pretty fast. 

I love these little girls. They are so sweet together right now. They are at that golden age where they adore each other and get along so well. Savannah told me that Shelby is her best friend. And Shelby told me that family is always family, but they aren't always your friends. But that she loves her cousins and they are her very best friends. I sure hope they always like and love each other like they do now!