Day Two, Prayer Two

My Father in Heaven,

Today I'm tired. A long journey has taken me away from my family. I don't like being away from them, and it never gets any easier. I feel so heavy-hearted each moment I spend without them. For now, it's a necessity. But I don't always want my life to be like this. Father, could you help me find a way to stay home with my family? I don't have to be a stay at home mom. I'm okay with working. I would just like to find something that allows me to be home with my children each night. I'd also like to do something fulfills my creative needs. Something more artistic and less technical. Where do I start? What could I do? Where should I go?

Bless my babies. Make sure they know I love them. Bless my Mike that he'll be able to balance all the chaos that cones with being home alone with two small children. And bless me Father that I might be open to inspiration and ideas on how to better feed my creative should while still helping to provide for my family. But sot importantly help me make it through the week and back home where I belong.

 In Jesus' name, amen.