Day 24: Christmas Eve

Journaling reads:

We did things a little different this year. On Christmas Eve we opened ALL of our presents, since we were leaving to go out of town on Christmas morning (more to come on this later!). The entire Kalil family (the ones who live in Tucson) came over to our house, we feasted on ham and other goodies and opened presents. Like always, Shelby and Cooper got new pajamas ...  and we made them put them on before they could open the rest of their  presents. Shelby loved all her Zhu Zhu pets. Cooper was especially excited about his Little People Farm and Airplane. Mike LOVED the cheetah print I got him (this was the perfect present I mentioned a few days back). And I got the most wonderful new camera bag from Jo Totes. But most of all, we were blessed to spend the evening with people we love.