Day 25: Christmas Day

Journaling reads:

Today’s story starts way back in November … Thanksgiving Day to be exact. I wanted to get a jump on Christmas shopping, so before everyone descended on our home for turkey and pie, I started doing some online shopping. I added some things to my cart and found a few goodies for my dad and step-mom. Each time I’d show Mike what I thought we should buy my parents, he scoffed at my choices. Dumb, goofy or unneeded were some of the comments he made of my choices. You see, my parents don’t really need anything. And if they want something, then they buy it (case in point, the very big and shiny new tractor my dad had delivered to his ranch a few days before Christmas). 

I can’t buy tractors for my dad, but I am the mother of two of his grandkids … so I have one of the hottest commodities in the DeMucha family. Before Thanksgiving Day was over, Mike and I decided we were going to surprise my dad and Shelley with a Christmas visit. I booked the tickets, reserved a rental car and the scheming began. I told Shelby what we had planned and she was super thrilled to be let in on our BIG secret. And even though she talked to her Papa countless times before Christmas Day, she never let the secret slip. 

Fast forward to Christmas Day … we got up before the sun; opened all the gifts from Santa; and then loaded up the car and headed to the airport. We flew to Salt Lake City and then boarded a VERY small plane to Pocatello, Idaho. From there, we took rented car and drove to Lava Hot Springs. We rolled into town around 1 p.m., just in time for Christmas Dinner. We snuck up to the front door and rang the bell. When my dad came to the door, we yelled surprise. First there was a look of shock and then there were tears. We made my dad cry … he told me this was the best Christmas he has ever had. 

If there was ever a moment I wanted to freeze, save forever and hold close to my heart … this would be one of them. Watching my dad, Cooper and Shelby hug each other and rejoice in the surprise was priceless. This is what Christmas is all about.