A new, non Christmas/December, page

I have been sitting on this layout for almost a month. It's from when we went to Flagstaff just before Thanksgiving. I felt like it need something more ... but the more I look at it, the more I love the simplicity. 

Journaling reads:

I don’t like the cold. Not one bit. Shelby on the other hand loves it. It was snowing when we rolled into Flagstaff and Shelby was beyond thrilled. We just bought her a new, heavy jacket ... so she was more than happy to put it to good use. Shelby, Emma and Gracie spent hours outside in the snow. The only came in when their feet were so cold they started to hurt (not a good sign)! While the girls played outside ... Cooper, Jennie and I stayed inside where it was nice and toasty.

November 2010