More project photos ... 

I have been keeping up with my daily art journaling. Love it. Seriously, it's really the most amazing and rewarding experience. I have totally been loving the opportunity to be creative and express my feelings, even when I'm stuck in a hotel  ... far away from home. I haven't take any new photos of my art journal lately, but I plan on doing so this weekend. I'll post some when I have them.

For February I'm going to put my art journal aside (not completely, but I just might not be able to get to it EVERY day) so I can do LOAD 211 ... which means I'll be creating a scrap book layout each day in February. I'm so, so excited about this project. Oh, and I found something for March ... The She Art Workshop. With all the art journaling I have been doing, I really want to learn some practical techniques I can use with my painting. I love to create mixed media canvases, so this online workshop is right up my alley. I am counting down the days until this one starts. I guess I need to start looking for a April project/class.

The self portraits continue. I love, love this project. I have figured out so much about my camera already (and creative ways to take self portraits). I also make a better effort of getting dress, looking cute and shedding my pajamas! I'm sure Mike is happy about that. So here's Week 4:

For week 4, I'm wearing a hat ... again! This time it's because I cut my forehead, had to get stitches and wanted to cover up my bandage. I took this one in my car just after I park at the airport (last Sunday). I just placed my camera on the dashboard

52 Photos, 52 Weeks:

The prompt for week four was "shadow." I really had trouble with this one. I didn't want to do a traditional shadow shot, especially since I couldn't find anything cool casting a cool shadow. I wanted to try and get a photo of Cooper following Shelby around since he's her shadow. But I didn't manage to get a good shot of that either. Here's what I came up with for week 4.

So, as I was sitting on an airplane tonight I noticed my hand was casting a shadow on the Sky Magazine. I got my camera out and started to play. 

I just realized I never posted week 3 ... and I can't seem to find it on my hard drive. I think it's on an external drive, which is sitting in my office. I'll find it and add it. The prompt for week 3 was "evening" and I really love the way I interpreted it. And the photo came out beautifully, so that was like icing on the cake.