The sweetest boy, ever

On Sunday Cooper was clearly tired, but still needed to eat lunch before his nap. Mike put him in highchair and started feeding him. After a few minutes I realized it was super quiet in the kitchen. I went to check on Coop and he was fast asleep in his sleep, still clutching his toast. He didn't wake up when I pried the toast out of his fingers. He didn't wake up when I wiped his face or hands. And he barely opened his eyes when I took him out of his chair. 

Every time Cooper passes through a new phase or grows, I am amazed at what a wonderful and sweet child he is. I'd forgotten how much I loved this age, since Shelby has been a big girl for so long. Coop is adding new words to his vocabulary each day and I love watching him process all the new things around him. Just the other day he pointed to himself and said "I Bubba." He's so aware of who he is and how he fits in our family. It's amazing.