A roundup:
scrapbooking layouts

Trying to scrap every day and then blog about what I'm doing ... well there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day! I've been super happy with all I've been able to accomplish the last few weeks, so I'm not complaining, not one bit. The more I do, the more I want to do ... if that makes sense. I really can't say I've hit a creative wall. I feel like I could keep going at this pace for months ... I might feel differently in a week or two!

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For this particular page, we were given a layout to inspire us or to scrap lift completely. I'm really not a scrap-lifter. I don't have any issue with it, it's just that whenever I look at a page, I usually just see one particular item, technique or style that inspires me ... and I use that as my basis for my own layout. Looking at the inspiration/lift page I decided to just take the simplicity of it and use that as my jumping off point. This is another photo I caught while sitting at a stop light. Cooper was "reading" a book when  we were driving to pick up Shelby from school. Simple page, simple journaling .. .but overall a happy, bright layout. I am really loving  bright and happy colors right now. Reds, oranges, yellows ... those are my favs right now. I really adore this page, but it might just be because I love the photo. I have one adorable little guy.

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For this layout, we were challenged to use just five specfic items ... five different pattened papers.  I really struggled with this challenge. I normally do pretty cimple pages, but limiting myself to just patterned paper was tough ... even for a minialist like me. But I stuck with it and though the page is simple, I like it.
I used the new Creative Team Template Freebie from Two Peas in a Bucket. You can get it here.

Journaling reads:

We have a breakfast bar at our house. When we first moved in, I thought it would never be used. But oh was I wrong. A while back Shelby started calling it Filet Bombay, the name of our “pretend” restaurant, and we sit up at Filet Bombay all the time. I work from Filet Bombay. Shelby does her homework at Filet Bombay. The kiddos color at Filet Bombay. It very well could be our family’s favorite spot in the house. As Cooper has gotten older, he too loves to sit up at Filet Bombay. In fact, if anyone is sitting up there he demands to get up too … lots of crying, screaming and attempts to climb up into his seat ... until you let him join the fun at Filet Bombay.

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When I saw Lain's prompt ... a little notebook her daughter had bought for her using her own money ... I immeditately thought about the sweet little card my daughter made for me and wanted to scrap about the things she she makes for me ... just because she loves me.
I scanned in the card she made for me for Valentine's Day and then used a picture of the a love sign she made for Valentine's Day decoration.

Journaling reads:

Shelby ... You are so sweet to your mama. Love notes. Cards. Poems. Special crafts.    How did I get so lucky? I adore you my sweet girl.

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For this page, Lain challenges us to banish perfectionism and intentionally make a mistake. I make mistakes on my pages ALL the time. But becuase I'm digital, I can go back and make all sorts of changes before I print them out (I send my files out to print in large batches ... like 50 to 100 pages at one time and usually to Persnickity Prints). What I did do ... in the spirit of letting go and not obsessing ... was I left off the journaling. There wasn't really anything to say as the photos are of my Week 6, Project 365 photos and are just everyday sort of shots.


We're in the home stretch now. The last week of LOAD. I think I'm gonna be so sad when it's over.