Something new

So I'm trying to branch out. Try new things. Take some chances. And how did that translate today? I decided to use the latest sketch over at Pencil Lines for my LOAD layout today.

Here's the sketch (it's No. 225):

And here's the layout I create with it:

This was my layout LOAD Day 17 and as soon as I read today's prompt and the quote ... I knew I wanted to scrap my Coop  and a role of toliet paper. TP is his absolute favorite toy right now. It's a simple pleasure that brings him SO much joy. Most of the product is from January's Digi Files.

The journaling reads:

He has a million toys. He has a dog to play with. He has a big sister to harass. And yet, his most favorite play thing is a simple roll of toilet paper.

His entire face lights up when he scores a roll ... I’ve started hiding them or putting them up high. When he gets hi chubby little hands on one, he clutches the roll to his chest, takes off running and usually hides in fear of the wrath of mama ... all the while he’s giggling. I find little bits of TP all over the house! It’s the simple pleasures in life that make us the happiest, right?