So. So. Excited.

The last few years, Mike and I have both been trying to do a personal getaway on our own. Giving each of us a chance to do something that we like, but the other might not. He went to Vegas with his brother last year for a music festival. And the last two years, I went to Creative Escape with my girlfriends. This year I'm super excited about what I'll be doing for my personal getaway.

I'm going to the Oregon Coast to attend a retreat ... Your Story Retreat.  Here's a description of what the retreat is all about:

"During our time together, we will sink into what it means to share our stories through our writing, photographs, blogs, and artwork. We will play with color and words, let our cameras guide us, walk on the beach, and let the sun shine upon our heads as we listen to one another and share pieces of who we are. As with all Studio Gatherings, there will be several hours of free time each day for participants to continue the conversations, 'work' on how they are sharing their own stories, explore the coast, or simply relax."

I simply can't wait. There were only 20 spots in this particular retreat and I'm beyond thrilled I was able to get one. I look forward to learning more about myself and finding different ways to tell me story. The mentors they have schedule for the retreat are amazing. It's going to be life changing. I just know it.