Addicted to LOAD

I have been deeply immersed in LOAD 211. It's become an addiction of sorts. I scrap as often as I can. When I was traveling last week that meant I scrapped as soon as I got back to the hotel and just kept going until bed time ... with a short break for room service! Since I'm back home for the next few weeks, I'm scrapping later in the day once the kids have gone to bed. And when I'm not actually scrapping, then I'm on looking at all the layouts created and uploaded to the LOAD Flicker group. I have been so impressed with every one's work and their kind words. It's hard not to feel like a rock star when so many people are looking at your layouts and adding kind, supportive comments. It's AWESOME.

To catch up ... here are my LOAD 4-7 layouts.

 LOAD 4: This is me

I'm doing the 52 Week Project ... 52 weeks of self portraits. So, I thought I'd scrap the photos after I took them and tell 52 self stories in 2011. Here's my self-portrait from week 1.

Journaling reads:

This Is Me

Love me or hate me ... this is me. For 2011, you'll be seeing more of me. 52 self-portraits.
52 weeks to tell my story.

Load 5: Big Boy Haircut

For this day's prompt, Lain showed us the Table of Contents page of a magazine. I tried (not really sticking too closely) to create a clean, more graphic layout to honor the inspiration piece. In the end, though I struggle a lot with this page, it's one of my favorites. It might just be because I love the photos and I'm super happy with the journaling. Who knows?

Journaling reads:

You went in a baby and came out a big boy. I resisted getting your hair cut. You had the most beautiful red curls. I loved stroking your hair and playing with the curls as I held you. By about 19-months, countless people were harassing me. Papa said you needed a haircut. Big Mike said you were starting to look like a little girl. Even strangers inquired when I'd be chopping off your curls. Humph! The more I was harassed, the longer I refused to cut your hair. I just wasn't ready. Cutting your hair signified the end of an era. You would be a big boy. And I didn't want you to be a big boy … I wanted my sweet, cuddly baby boy. About the time you started sporting a mad-scientist or Bozo the Clown sort of hairdo, I had a change of heart.  For whatever reason, I was ready to close the door on babyhood.  That same day we visited the barber. You sat perfectly still as your curls fell to the floor. No fuss. But me … I wasn't so calm. I cried. Your sweet barber collected all you curls and put them in a baggy for safe keeping.  Toward the end you said "All done, Mama?" Yep Bubba, all done. You went in a baby and came out a big boy.

LOAD 6: All About Me

This prompt had us looking through our "inspiration files" to find something to, well, inspire us. I read a ton of blogs. I have them all saved through Google Reader. Usually once a day, more if I have time, I sit down with my iPad and check out what's new on all the blogs I follow using wither Feedler or Flipboard. This is where i get most of my inspiration and would call it my electronic inspiration file.

Journaling reads:

Me. February 2011
My name: Kimberly Rose
Childhood ambition: To work at Disneyland
Soundtrack: Whatever my husband loads onto my iPhone.
Retreat: A massage or going to my parent's ranch in Idaho.
Wildest dream: Quit my job, stay at home and be creative all the time.
Fondest moment: Holding my babies for the first time.
Biggest challenge: Right now, it's all the traveling I do for work.
Alarm clock: None. I wake up when my kids do and not a minute before.
Perfect day: No rush. No plan. Lots of laughter. Lots of hugs and kisses from my family  And some ice cream to cap it off.
First job: Popcorn girl at Saugus Speedway
Indulgence: Ice cream and pedicures
Last purchase: Iron-on transfer paper from Target. used it to make Super Bowl t-shirts for Shelby and Cooper.
Favorite TV Show: It's a tie ...  Parenthood and Modern Family
Photo: Week 3,  52 Self-Portraits 2011

Load 7: Silly Girl

The prompt for this day was to pick a photo that produces a strong emotion when you see it. Then pick a color (or color palette) that elicits the same emotion. Happy photos of Shelby being her silly self. And to go with it  ... happy, bright colors. Lime green, orange and yellow are some of my favorite, happy colors.

Journaling reads:

Who: Shelby Rose
What: During a trip to Old Navy, you decided to hang out with the mannequins
When: Saturday, Feb. 5, 2011
Why: Who knows where you come up with these ideas? You’re the funniest, silliest person I know. I won’t be the least bit surprised if you end up performing -- in some way -- for a living. You're quite the entertainer.