One more layout
(Project 365: Week 3)

I'm on a roll tonight! Since I'm traveling for business this week, I'm alone in a hotel room and have a lot of time on my hands, which means I can catch up on scrapping my Project 365 Photos. I kept with same color inspiration as my first LOAD2 layout, which came from some mugs I saw on eBay.

The journaling reads:

January 15: Does it get cuter than this? Cooper wearing daddy’s hat while we had lunch at Cheesecake Factory. The capped off our trip to the mall and Build-a-Bear.
January 16: Date evening for Mike and Kimberly. Gelato Yummo!

January 17: No school. No Work. Park time!

January 18: Cut my forehead. Stitches required.

January 19: Dinner with my ATL girlfriends. BBQ of course.

January 20: Headed to the ATL airport to catch a flight home and stuck in traffic.
January 21: Coop hanging out watching a little TV.