Day two of LOAD

This is my sweet, wonderful baby boy ... at 21 months old (he hits the 22 month mark on Friday ... I can't believe he's almost 2 years old). I created a layout with the same concept for Shelby (10 things I love about you) a few weeks ago and wanted to do the same for Coop. 

 Some mugs I found on eBay (photo below) insipred this layout I loved the bright, happy colors and I thought they were great "boy" colors!

I took the photo a little over a week ago when Cooper fell asleep eating his lunch. So precious.  The journaling is pretty long ... but basically it's 10 different things I love about him right now.


Ten Things I love About Coop
February 2011
21-months old
1. The way you say bapple when referring to an apple
2. The way you boss Cassius around (just like your sister). As soon as Cassius goes outside to do his business you start yelling "Cash, Cash, Cash ...” As if to say “I didn't say you could go outside. You better get back here."
3. That you refer to yourself as Bubba, just like we all do. The other day you pointed to yourself and said "I Bubba."
4. You suck your thumb whenever you are tired or upset. It's just so adorable.
5. Along those same lines, your blankie can make everything all better. And watch out ... if your blankie can't be found, sweet Cooper turns into a monster.
6.  You’re a champ when it comes to sleeping and have been since you were 10 weeks old. I kiss and hug you; put you (and blankie) in your crib; say "night-night"; you respond with an enthusiastic night-night; and then you roll over and go to sleep (sucking your thumb and clutching your blankie, of course). Then you sleep for at least 12 hours or three if it's nap time.
7. The way you love, make that adore, me.  You love your mama and I couldn't be more enamored with you. You are such a sweet, precious and tender little soul.
8.  That your sister is your idol.  When she's not around you wander the house saying "Sissy? Sister?". You are beyond thrilled when she returns from school each day. Her room is your favorite room in the house and she is your favorite person.
9. That you adore bath time with great abandoned. Around 5:30 pm each night you walk to the bottom of the stairs and yell "bath, bath, bath" until we take you upstairs for your nightly bath. You could stay in the bath all night if we let you.
10.  The very pouty face you make when you don't get your way. You have already figured out how to throw a tantrum and as you lip starts to quiver and eyebrows furrow, I have to keep myself from laughing.