And this is why I do it
I had an epiphany a few weeks ago. I have been creating a ton of layouts. In the process, I realized why I scrapbook and what sort of stories I want to tell.
I was sitting on the stairs with Cooper. Before I kissed him, I asked him for a kiss. I kept hoping he’d understand what I was saying and give me a kiss on his own. Just before I leaned in for a smooch, Cooper put his hand on his on my cheek and planted a kiss on my lips. It was his very first real, deliberate kiss. I asked him over and over again for another one … but to no avail I got no more kisses from Coop that day. But the moment of Coop understanding what a kiss was had been stamped on my heart. I knew I wanted to save it forever.
As I was falling asleep that night I started to panic. As I replayed Coop’s first kiss, I realized I couldn’t remember when Shelby first started freely giving kisses. I was overcome with sadness. She’s only 6 years old, but I can’t remember. I can only imagine all the other little details, moments and memories I’d forgotten. And how many more will I forget before both of them are all grown up? I don’t want to forget.
The next morning, I immediately sat down and created a scrapbook page all about Cooper and his first kiss. These are the stories I want to tell … the ones that move me; the ones that keep me up at night in fear I might forget them; and the ones that will never happen again but matter and are worth recalling.
One little kiss  … and I figured out why I do this. I have a renewed sense of urgency and purpose as I scrap … I want these stories to make it to paper and last forever.   

Journaling reads:
Today Cooper gave me a real kiss. His first
real – deliberate -- kiss.   He put his hand on my
face, kissed my lips and then my cheek. I melted.
I kept asking for more, but he's very conservative with his kisses. He'll hug, snuggle and smile ... But these new kisses are reserved for special moments.
I don't remember when Shelby started giving "real" kisses. It makes me sad I can't remember.
With Coop growing up so quickly I'm not sure how long I'll get to steal kisses from this sweet little elf of a boy. Even thinking about that kiss my heart swells, tears fill my eyes and I know I am blessed.